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ABS 001: 5 Days/4 Nights: Bird Watching Safari
AABS 002: 9 Days/8 Nights: Birding Safari
AABS 003: 15 Days/14 Nights: Weavers Special Birding
AABS 004: 9 Days/8 Nights: Plovers Special Birdwatching Safari
AABS 005: 19 Days/18 Nights: Turaco Special Birding Safari
AABS 006: 14 Days/13 Nights:Epic birding in Africa
AABS 007: 15 Days/14 Nights: Birding Wilderness
AABS 008: 18 Days/17 Nights:Bird Seekers Expenditions
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Birding at the Roof of Africa birds

The perfect formula for superb birding tours

How can the 13th person in line see a skulker?
While a group of 12 people can be fun on the savannas of Africa, group size is something we take very seriously on forest trails. We limit group size to eight on tours that spend significant time in enclosed forest habitats, where silence is vital to seeing secretive species.

Guaranteed departures
The only thing more annoying than being packed in like sardines on a tour is losing it because of insufficient interest. To counter this, Acacia Africa Birding Safaris & Holidays offers you guaranteed departures on Birding tours. This means that even if you are the only one booked, the trip proceeds exactly as planned, just you and your own personal guide. Even, when we do have a minimum required number, it is very low at two, three, or four people. To date we have never disappointed anyone by canceling their reservation.

Our trips can be intense but not demanding
Some days will require early rises to be in the field, ready for action, at dawn. People of reasonable fitness will have no trouble undertaking any of our tours. When there are optional excursions that require a difficult hike, we will inform you well ahead of time. On many days we have lunch back at the lodge, or we take with us picnic lunches depending on our routes of the day and those people wishing some down-time can spend the afternoons relaxing.

A variety of set-departure tours

Our various tours meet the needs of birders with different levels of experience and enthusiasm. Intro-tours are for birders who have limited exposure in a region, and who would like to spend more time in one area learning about the new families of birds. At the other extreme, on some of our more intense trips we can show you some of the planet's rarest and most difficult species.

Custom tours made easy

While many companies offer custom tours, few are able to efficiently arrange a trip around your personal target list. The trip reports on our website attest to this; just take a look at some of the brilliant private tours we have put together, and then think about what you would like to do in Kenya birding safari any year.

We make the hard birds easy
Our game plan is to target the endemic, the rare, the difficult, and the spectacular species. Of course, along the way we will see most of the other birds in the area.

Other interests
Although birding is always first and foremost on our trips, we can usually offer a variety of other nature-based activities along the way. It is fairly usual for our trips to see over 50 mammal species in a three-week trip. Our leaders are interested in mammal night-drives, Jackson chameleons, Common genet, and many other aspects of natural history. Should you have any other particular interest, be sure to let us know so you get the most out of your tour. Furthermore, on our tours there is seldom a dull moment. The characters that make up the Acacia Africa Birding team are a lot of fun to be around, and people that we meet as clients often leave as good friends.

Accommodation: we go where the birds are:-
We have tried to ensure that the top birding sites we visit have decent accommodation nearby, and Acacia Africa Birding uses the best lodges available. When feasible we base ourselves out of only a few lodges to limit the inconvenience of packing and unpacking. When a tour involves staying in basic hotels or camping, you will be informed ahead of time.

Even our bad days are good
No matter what you do, sometimes the birding is slow or the weather is bad. Although your guide is sweating and doing everything to find you birds, he also strives to maintain a friendly atmosphere so you still have a great time. We always remember that it is your holiday, not ours.

A "typical" Acacia Africa Birding client
Our clients come from a variety of nationalities, professions and backgrounds, brought together by the same passion for birds. We visit many places where we may be the only visitors; in effect we are ambassadors of our country and our hobby, and we always act accordingly. While on tour we encourage people to express their very wide range of opinions from vastly different life experiences, but our guides and clients are never disrespectful to other tour participants or the people we encounter.

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